This is what our clients and candidates have to say about us...


“What I truly appreciated with our conversations was that you had full understanding of the client, the role and how my profile would fit, prospects for future development; how you challenged my thinking and logic when you felt it was not strong enough; that I felt you managed to act both on behalf of me and your client – and that you invest the time required and take a long-term perspective of candidates’ careers."

Tier-One Strategy Consultancy


Head of People

“As a client, working with Anna has been a great pleasure. Anna is very professional, has a huge network and a great sense for our industry and business. She has been able to very professionally introduce potential candidates to our company – explaining them about us, our company goals as well as our requirements. We also have received very positive feedback on Anna's approach from candidates."

Tier-One Strategy Consultancy


Nordic Head of HR

“Working with Anna has been a true pleasure. Never in my career have I experienced someone so distinctive, agile, and professional when it comes to search and recruitment of senior positions. Simply outstanding compared to the traditional headhunting firms I have been in contact with."

Events Services


Executive Vice President

“Working with Anna has made me to explore career opportunities that I had not considered before. Anna has a unique ability to challenge my thinking and insights, and support me in stepping out of comfort zones and be bold about decision making. She has deep insight into markets and companies she serves, which makes every conversation meaningful and rich. You are not in a one-time recruitment with Anna; it is a relationship for the long term."

Global Digital Services& Software Company


Management Consultant

“From first contact it was clear to me that Anna was interested in ensuring a fit for both me and her client. Taking time to learn about me, my capabilities and preferences and relating it to her client and their needs. Before and after every interview we had calls where Anna either prepared me or provided feedback on my performance, this was a great help along the way from first contact until I signed my contract. All in all I can recommend Anna as a highly professional and value-adding head hunter."

Tier-One Strategy Consultancy


Nordic CEO

“I have worked with Anna on a number of search projects. She has in-depth knowledge of the consultancy marketplace with an extensive network within this sector.  She has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our hiring needs and has always introduced candidates within the timescales agreed who are extremely well-qualified professionally, but just as importantly, a great fit for the team.  I have always appreciated her thorough, professional and honest approach and I recommend her services highly."

Events Services and Venue Operator



“From the initial contact, Anna was open and honest about the pros and cons of the position she was recruiting for. She was very focused on whether a match was present and not just in terms of my experience and functional skills, but also in terms of her client's culture and whether this position would fit into my longer-term career goals."

Tier-One Strategy Consultancy



“I have had a very positive experience working with Anna when looking for my new role. From the first conversation we had, she has been very open, honest, and she did everything she could to help answer my questions. This has been extremely helpful in my decision making process. Now that I'm a few weeks into my new role, I can confidently say that Anna has done a great job at describing the position: I knew exactly what I was getting into. Thanks for all your help!"

Tier-One Strategy Consultancy



“During my recruiting process Anna provided significant guidance towards my new employer by challenging my capabilities and matching it with the requirements of the potential assignment. She also gave profound advice how the target is setup in terms of individual expectations regarding interview partners as well as the overall process. This helped me a lot to get a better understanding of my new job opportunity and led to the final decision to go with the new offering."

Tier-One Strategy Consultancy


Global Head of Transformation

“Anna is the real deal”  I have known Anna for more than five years and worked with her closely for more than two years. She is, by a mile, the best executive search partner I have ever worked with. She is thorough yet pragmatic, she is energetic and still patient when needed, she genuinely cares about her candidates and her clients, and she is exceptionally good at grasping the nature and spirit of the role that is being hired for. She fosters and invests in long-term relationships and she does so with sincere curiosity and heart.  Most recently, in July 2020, I have engaged Anna to help find a new team member for the Transformation team in APM Terminals. The role was a complex one, with a relatively broad and fluid scope and two geographical location options, as well as very ambitious criteria for the candidate profile. Anna immediately understood what the role was really about, and within a couple of weeks had provided a robust shortlist of really strong candidates for the role. With her support and sparring, including dialogues with the Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Operating Officer of APM Terminals, we managed to hire a truly outstanding candidate within two months of starting the process from scratch. In fact, Anna’s shortlist of candidates was so strong that we ended up also hiring a second candidate from the list as well, because the person was simply too good to let go.  I can only give Anna my strongest recommendations, and I am happy to provide further input to anyone interested in working with Anna, as a client and as a candidate. "

Global Transport & Logistics Provider

Copenhagen/The Hague

Project Manager

“Anna made me feel like I was fully prepared for every step in the process. I would fully recommend.  Anna puts quality above quantity: she makes sure there will be a true fit between the candidate, the future role and the future manager before initiating a process, and then checks in regularly to make sure the alignment is still there. Anna gives her candidates a good preparation ahead of each step of the process, and really has in depth knowledge of the team and the company she was preparing me for. She knows very well the expectations of the hiring company, but also the hopes and concerns of ex strategy consultants moving into another career.  Altogether, as a candidate I felt understood, and Anna displayed unmatched knowledge in her field, and ability to support and get the best out of the candidates."

Global Food and Beverages Company